Personal Lending

Banks previously made loans to individuals for all of their credit needs. The installment loans that were once made for personal expenses such as medical, home improvement, vacations and holidays and also the loans to purchase household items and vehicles are now almost nonexistent. Most of today’s banks if they do make personal loans require that individuals have perfect credit and then only through credit lines, equity lines of credit or other types of revolving credit. Many individuals are now left without a good option.

Mid.South Finance can hopefully be your solution. We make the simple interest loans that you  need for your personal expenses whether it be for such items as medical, vacation or even holiday expenses. We will also make you the loan that want to purchase household items, recreational items and even the vehicle that you may need. Mid.South Finance wants to be your financing solution and we will listen to you and work with you to resolve issues that may have prevented you from getting a loan from your bank in the past.


Business Lending

Small business owners are now finding it increasingly difficult to survive and grow due to their inability to obtain loans from their bank for operating expenses, asset purchases and growth. Many  in small markets much like individuals do not fit the bank’s model to obtain such loans. These business operators may have been bank customers for many years but the bank’s unwillingness to mitigate model exceptions leaves them searching for alternative borrowing.

Mid.South Lending can provide the alternative solution to your needs. We will make you the loan that you need to help your business with operating capital or that loan to purchase a vehicle or item of equipment that  will make you more profitable. Mid.South Lending will get to know you and what you do. We will analyze your business and its potential to hopefully make  the loan that you want to help you and your business grow and prosper.